We don't over subscribe

They do..

Resource allocation and troubleshooting just got easier.

It starts with our datacenter partners

Our partnerships with Equinix, Cologix, and IBM Cloud in major markets—Vancouver, Toronto, Amsterdam, Paris, and soon Melbourne (expected Q3 2024)—position Robson as a leading infrastructure provider for MSP’s with international reach. These strategic locations offer low-latency network performance, data sovereignty, and advanced security to protect critical assets.

Our facilities adhere to top standards of redundancy and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted client operations. This global footprint provides diversified disaster recovery and enhanced service continuity for local and multinational businesses. 

Clients benefit from a wide range of cloud services, SaaS providers, and network carriers, leading to cost savings and operational efficiency. This network of data centers demonstrates our commitment to world-class service and our ability to meet diverse industry and geographic needs.

Dive Into the Cloud:
A Robson Q&A Adventure

Take a journey a journey of discovery with our interactive Q&A puzzle – your guide to Robson’s innovative cloud solutions.

Ok, but why these guys?

Why should I choose Robson over another provider like Azure or AWS? Or why not just do it myself?

Ok, but why these guys?

Let the one-size-fits-all providers cater to their market; they aren't designed with MSPs in mind. We occupy the niche where MSPs seek innovation and foresight—a vision of 'what's next' that enables them to enhance and expand their client services. Additionally, we maintain integrity in our resources, never over-subscribing our virtual to physical RAM.

The Right Team

What enables Robson to deliver cutting-edge IaaS solutions across various virtualization platforms?

The Right Team

With extensive experience crafting enterprise-grade solutions for Fortune 500 companies, Robson brings in-depth expertise to key virtualization platforms including VMware, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-V, ensuring top-notch IaaS service provision.

Lost in Translation

How does Robson's team's expertise translate into real-world benefits for my business?

Lost in Translation

Our team's skilled approach to system architecture and meticulous management results in enhanced performance, supreme reliability, and seamless scalability of your enterprise's infrastructure.
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We're Here For You

What kind of support can I expect for my enterprise's infrastructure with Robson?

We're Here For You

With Robson, you'll receive comprehensive support from a team well-versed in the intricacies of virtualization and cloud infrastructure, all dedicated to maximizing your IT investments and achieving operational excellence.

Do you want to play a game?

How does Robson maintain its edge in technology and service delivery to MSP's?

Do you want to play a game?

Being able to incorporate AI in to our solutions to increase the products and services to their clients - before their competitors do. Innovation is the foundation to solution delivery 2024+

mission control, GTG!

Who does Acronis trust to provide the infrastructure for their Cyber Protect Cloud Storage in Canada?
Acronis partners with Robson to provide Cloud Backup storage because of our proven track record in delivering reliable and expert services, ensuring Canadian customers receive the highest standard of data protection.

The Strongest
Vendor Relationships

Our Vendor Alliances
that increase you Competitive Edge

Robson’s strong vendor relationships translate into a direct benefit for MSPs by ensuring access to cutting-edge technology, preferential pricing, and comprehensive support.

This collaboration enables MSPs to leverage robust, secure, and scalable infrastructure solutions that foster growth, enhance service delivery, and improve overall customer satisfaction.

What's under the hood?

Virtualization And Hardware

Robson provides a diverse range of virtualization platforms like VMware, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-V. Robson offers MSPs a flexible and customizable infrastructure. 


  • Choice and Flexibility: Clients can select the platform that fits their operational preferences and technical requirements, ensuring an optimal fit for their specific use cases.

  • Enhanced Capability: Each platform comes with unique features and strengths, allowing MSPs to tailor services that align with distinct business needs for performance, compatibility, and manageability.

  • Cost Efficiency: Options to choose from various platforms enable cost-effective solutions, eliminating unnecessary expenditure on resources that may not be required for certain clients or projects.

  • Risk Mitigation: By not depending on a single platform, MSPs minimize the risk associated with vendor lock-in and gain the ability to shift or expand services as needed without significant disruption.

  • Innovation and Adaptability: Access to different platforms ensures MSPs are equipped to leverage the latest technologies and adapt to emerging market trends and customer demands.

Robson’s strategic choice to partner with only the most reputable hardware vendors—Microsoft, Dell, Veeam, Acronis, Cisco, and OpenAI—brings a suite of benefits to our MSP clients.


  • Comprehensive Solutions: Our diverse range of vendor partnerships allows us to offer a holistic set of solutions covering all infrastructure needs, from networking equipment (Cisco) to storage and data protection (Acronis), to computing power (Dell) and software ecosystems (Microsoft).

  • Integrated Systems: The synergistic relationship among our selected vendors means that all hardware components are designed to work seamlessly together, yielding integrated systems that reduce complexity and enhance system reliability.

  • Security and Compliance: These vendors maintain stringent security standards and compliance certifications, affording MSPs peace of mind that their infrastructure adheres to the latest data protection regulations.

  • Tailored Scalability: With options to scale from small operations to large enterprises, our vendor products can grow with the MSP’s client demands, avoiding both underutilization and bottlenecks in resource provisioning.

We believe our people are our greatest asset, and their unwavering commitment to excellence embodies our promise to clients: a partnership that delivers both reliability and innovation.


  • Uninterrupted Performance: Our engineers vigilantly monitor systems to anticipate and resolve issues before they become disruptions, ensuring your services run smoothly at all times.

  • Expert Issue Resolution: With hands-on experience in complex problem-solving, our team can swiftly address and rectify even the most intricate challenges, minimizing downtime.

  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that our seasoned professionals are always on duty, MSP clients can have confidence that their infrastructure is in the most capable hands.

  • Proactive Upkeep: Leveraging advanced tools and insights, we proactively manage the health of your infrastructure, fortifying against potential threats to stability and security.

  • Tailored Support: Our engineers understand the unique needs of MSPs and provide personalized, expert guidance and support to match the specific demands of your business.