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Robson & Virtuozzo

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Different by Design

Crafted with Clarity, Shaped by Imagination, and Rooted in Dedication

Unmatched Customization and Partnership

Robson Inc. is renowned for its tailored cloud solutions, but it’s our partnership ethos that truly sets us apart. We engage with MSPs to forge strong, educational partnerships that are built on the foundation of mutual growth. By choosing us, MSPs not only receive solutions that are custom-fitted to their technical and business landscapes but also gain a dedicated ally in the cloud services industry.

Collaboration for Innovation and Excellence

Our collaborative approach underpins every partnership, ensuring that MSPs are equipped not just with tools, but with cutting-edge strategies that elevate their market offerings. We don’t just respond to needs—we anticipate them, creating solutions that propel our partners ahead of the curve. It’s this forward-thinking collaboration that empowers our MSP partners to lead and outshine their competition.

These benefits collectively highlight why Robson is an attractive partner for MSPs, offering not only advanced cloud solutions but also strategic partnership, collaborative growth, and a steadfast commitment to security and compliance.

Tailored Solutions

Robson sets itself apart by offering cloud services that are not one-size-fits-all but rather specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each MSP. This bespoke approach ensures seamless integration into MSPs’ existing offerings, enhancing their service capabilities without disrupting current operations. Robson’s focus on providing solutions that align with each MSP’s business model and challenges means MSPs can offer their clients more personalized, efficient, and effective cloud services.

Enhanced Sales and Strategic Partnership

Robson goes beyond typical vendor relationships by actively engaging in MSPs’ sales strategies and growth plans. They offer extensive sales enablement support, empowering MSPs to effectively market and integrate Robson’s cloud solutions into their service portfolio. This partnership is oriented towards mutual growth, providing MSPs with not just technological solutions but strategic advice and sales support to drive market success.

Non-competitive Collaborative Approach

Robson positions itself as an enabler rather than a competitor to MSPs. By offering their services under a white-label agreement, Robson allows MSPs to brand the cloud solutions as their own. This approach helps MSPs to enhance their offerings without the risk of direct competition, fostering a collaborative environment where both parties are focused on achieving shared goals. The partnership enhances MSPs’ capabilities while maintaining their autonomy and brand integrity.

Data Sovereignty, Security, and Compliance

With an increasing focus on data protection regulations and the importance of data sovereignty, Robson’s commitment to keeping data within Canada and adhering to local laws presents MSPs with a competitive edge. This pledge to geo-redundancy and compliance with local data protection regulations ensures that MSPs can offer their clients highly secure and compliant cloud solutions. Partnering with Robson means MSPs can confidently address their clients’ concerns about data security and sovereignty.

Take your Managed Service Provider (MSP) business to new heights with Robson Communications as your ally. Elevate your offerings with our collaborative approach tailor-made to catapult you to the forefront of the competitive technology industry.

Join forces with us and tap into the power of strategic support and cutting-edge solutions. Together, we’ll craft a path to success that not only propels you ahead of the curve but also solidifies your position as a leader in the tech space. With Robson, you’re not just adapting to change—you’re driving it.

Key Reasons Why MSP's Choose Robson


At Robson, we recognize that for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), the ability to generate substantial margins is not just a matter of profitability—it’s fundamental to ensuring sustainability, enhancing valuations, and securing a competitive edge.

In the fiercely competitive landscape of cloud services, many offerings fall short in providing the necessary margin opportunities, leaving MSPs to navigate the difficulties of maintaining profitability while striving to outshine competitors.

We at Robson are deeply aware of the critical role margins play in the success of MSPs. Our reseller program is meticulously designed to guarantee financial stability through predictable pricing while offering generous margins. But it’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the value we add behind the scenes.

Discount Tiers

We understand the value of rewarding our Managed Service Providers (MSPs) as they grow and succeed. Our tiered discount structure is meticulously crafted to support and incentivize the expansion of your business.

As your engagement with Robson deepens and your sales volume increases, you gain access to even more attractive discount tiers. This dynamic model is designed to enhance your profitability, ensuring that as your commitment to Robson services expands, so too do your benefits.

Our objective is to foster a symbiotic relationship where success is mutual—your growth fuels our innovation, and in turn, our escalated discount tiers empower your continued expansion and profitability in the cloud services market.


As your Cloud Infrastructure partner, we want to work with you and help you win business.

Deal Registration is a Robson program that empowers MSPs with protection and priority on specific opportunities, ensuring that efforts are recognized and rewarded with enhanced margins a collaborative and transparent partnership, enabling us to align resources, streamline processes, and provide dedicated support to drive successful deal closures.

In essence, Reseller Deal Registration is not just a mechanism for securing opportunities; it’s a commitment to mutual growth, as we work hand-in-hand to capitalize on market opportunities, maximize value, and achieve shared success.

We're Not

Robson differentiates itself by being an enabler, not a competitor, to Managed Service Providers. Unlike a traditional MSP,

Robson focuses on providing the backbone technologies and support MSPs need to excel. Our role is to equip you with cutting-edge cloud solutions, comprehensive support, and a suite of tools that empower you to deliver exceptional services to your clients.

By opting not to compete in the MSP space, we can concentrate on what we do best—developing robust cloud solutions and partner programs designed to elevate the services MSPs can offer. This approach ensures that our objectives are perfectly aligned with yours: to see you grow, succeed, and outshine your competition.

Through our non-competitive stance, Robson reaffirms its commitment to MSP success, offering a partnership that enhances your offerings and fosters mutual growth in the cloud services landscape.