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We would like to introduce you to some of our Customers

We’re extremely proud of our customers. That’s why we always put them first. Each customer depends on Robson for Managed Infrastructure and Managed Solutions.

A few things we’re great at

We’ve never been your run of the mill cloud service provider. With expert customer care and technical experience, we architect and deliver the best Managed Solution for your business. 

Security and Compliance

These days you can never be too cautious when it comes to system and data security. Robson uses decades of experience to protect you and your business.

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Cloud Solutions

Robson Cloud Solutions utilize our state-of-the-art core infrastructure to host your IT needs. Backup, Monitoring and Security Protection available.

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Disaster Recovery

Hope for the best and plan for the worst. If you’re told all you need is your data backed up they’re wrong. Disaster Recovery is an inclusive solution with the right support. 

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Dedicated VMware Solutions

Our private VMware solutions are designed for the businesses who need a more robust solution. Multi-server environments with custom Security and DR plans.

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“Why Robson?” We have more experience.

We’ve been around a while and we’ve learned a few things. When you love what you do you want to continue learning and building. Robson has been managing infrastructure since the early 90’s. 
  – Built and moved data centers across Canada
  – Deployed over $100M in new system and network hardware
  – Work with Provincial Government and Health Care providers
  – Designed and deployed Disaster Recovery Plans across Canada 
  – White Hat security analysis on Networks, Systems and Applications 

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Grow with Robson Managed Solutions

It’s not just about experience in our field. Every customer with Robson gets the white glove treatment. It starts with our architecture and deployment team, as well as your dedicated Account and Project Manager. From here we undergo the process of building the right environment for you.

You’re a part of the team. Whatever your plan for growth is, the Robson team is by your side to support you with everything you need. More Information
Our passion for customer care is the foundation of our Solutions. 

Your Experts in Managed Solutions

When it comes it Managed Solutions it can be a vague term. Our job is to support you by providing support through the design, setup, implementation and operations. Apart from providing technology we benefit your business by giving expert advice and guidance, ensuring that your business processes and vision are compatible. Our team has the experience to help you at every step to make sure you get the most complete solution possible.


There’s no risk.

We’ve been providing Managed Solutions at the CTO level for over 16 years. Through the years, our customers have been secure in knowing that there is no risk in going with Robson. Our number one job is to make sure you and your business are top priority. We make sure you’re happy with every aspect of your Robson Managed Solution.  learn more

The CTO Experience

Our CTO experience is catered to your business size and needs. Whether the CTO role is a position within your business or you require an expert, Robson’s CTO experience is there to assist and support your team. Managed Solutions in security, system and network architecture, multi-tier application deployments, clustering, redundancy and performance optimization.  learn more

Security and Compliance

As a part of our Managed Solution we can address physical, network, system and application security as needed. With implementation of IDS and IPS, Data Leakage Protection, Stateful/less Firewall, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Vulnerability Assessments. Experience teaches you that the most immediate security concerns can be resolved by applying a patch.  learn more

Personal Customer Care

Like you, we’ve waited on hold for support to only have someone rude on the other end and worse yet not have our problem solved. Robson was founded and has been around for over 17 years with personal care in mind. If you have any questions or concerns you will have escalated access to the CEO. No concern goes un-noticed or un-addressed. We are Forward thinking. Customer driven.  learn more

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Robson Managed Offsite Backups

Data Integrity and Security

Robson’s Managed Offsite Backups provides you with a place to keep an offsite copy of backups “in the cloud”. Veeam Cloud Connect allows existing users of Veeam’s backup and replication technology to securely backup and restore their existing VMware or Hyper-V environment to the cloud. As a service provider, Robson can provide you with your own repository to setup cloud connect to and/or you can set your customer up within our cloud connect repositories.


Data replication happens in a variety of ways with Robson. Some is as simple as VM clone to VM. Others are replicated across the country and then a majority are done as a part of a pre-defined disaster recovery plan.


Robson has many certifications and accolades that demonstrate our commitment to client system and data security. Robson’s CTO experience helps architect your corporate infrastructure backup and disaster recovery plan.


Your data is critical to your business and our job doesn’t stop with just backing it up. We ensure that your backed up and archived data is encrypted. No single copy of your data is accessible without the proper decryption protocols in place.


A lot of our clients in the media and legal space require a specific need to backup, encrypt and archive their data. Robson can archive any multitude of snapshots keeping a copy of your data secure for months and years to come.


The CTO Experience

We have proven experience providing industry leading Managed Solutions to our customers. Robson has the CTO experience to help you architect the right solution for your business. It’s the years of experience and list of customers Robson has worked with that should put your mind at ease. Know that you’re getting the right Managed Solution provider.


Proven experience is another term used by every managed service provider out there. For Robson it means years of hard work and dedication to Infrastructure, Security and Managed Solutions. Your CTO Experience.


You can reach anyone of our team members by phone 24×7. Robson was built on the philosophy that we need to be more than an extension to your business but rather a dedicated partner you can count on. Whatever it might be.

Contact our CTO

For every project, Robson assigns dedicated project and account managers who work directly with our infrastructure team and customer. There is no middle man when you’re a partner with Robson.


We touched on it earlier. We have CTO experience. It’s not Jr. or Sr. Systems Administrators designing your production infrastructure, backup and recovery solution and security implementation and monitoring plans.

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