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Empower Your Managed Services with Superior Infrastructure Solutions.

At Robson, we are committed to fostering strong, collaborative relationships with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) like you. Our Partner Program is designed to provide you with cutting-edge infrastructure solutions, ensuring that your services stand out in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.
Go to Market: Swift Execution with Robson
Leverage the Robson Partner Program to launch your services promptly and effectively. Our quick go-to-market support helps you exploit new revenue streams, melding potential into tangible success swiftly.
Collaborative Sales Process: Synchronized for Success
Integrate Robson’s expertise with your sales operations for a united front. Access tailored marketing and sales tools to captivate clients and drive growth, all while maintaining a harmonious and efficient sales journey.
Sales Training: Elevating Your Expertise
Tap into specialized sales training to sharpen your team’s prowess and credibility. As part of the Robson family, empower your staff with the knowledge and skills to confidently sell advanced infrastructure solutions.
Teamwork: Strengthening Your Service
Through our Partner Program, benefit from a close-knit team of experts ready to help you overcome challenges and strategically grow. Collaborate with Robson to enhance your service offerings, with combined efforts that lead to collective success.

Our Partner Program is more than just a business initiative.

We’re deeply committed to providing tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each MSP. We work hand-in-hand with you to ensure our services seamlessly align with your business model and customer requirements.

By partnering with Robson, you are not just adapting to industry trends; you are actively shaping and leading them. This partnership is an opportunity to redefine the landscape of managed services, leveraging our shared dedication to excellence and innovation.

Checking the Boxes

Cloud Specific Partners – The Experts

At Robson, we firmly believe that to be genuinely exceptional, we must offer a diverse set of solutions.

It’s not just about having an extensive range; it’s about the commitment to meet the unique needs of each client and partner. Our philosophy is rooted in the understanding that every challenge demands a tailored approach.

That’s why we don’t just offer solutions, we provide the right solutions – diverse, adaptable, and perfectly suited to each specific requirement. This dedication to customization and variety is what sets us apart and underlines our standing as the best in what we do.

In our collaboration, transparency and open communication are paramount. We foster a relationship built on trust, honesty, and integrity, ensuring every interaction is grounded in these values. Additionally, our commitment to innovation places us at the forefront of cloud and infrastructure technology.

Let's get to the Brass Tacks

A brief overview of the benefits of the Program

Partnership Program Specifics

Joining the Robson Partner Program unlocks a suite of exclusive benefits tailored to boost your business capabilities, expand your service offerings, and drive profitability:

  • Dedicated Support: Gain direct access to our team of experts who are dedicated to the success of your business. Whether you need assistance with technical challenges or strategic advice, we are here to support your journey.

  • Advanced Technology: Leverage our innovative cloud and infrastructure platforms to deliver reliable, scalable solutions to your clients. Stay ahead of the competition with our state-of-the-art technologies.

  • Training and Certification: Elevate your team’s expertise through our comprehensive training programs. Certifications will not only enhance your skills but also increase your market credibility.

  • Marketing and Sales Enablement: Access co-branded marketing materials and sales tools designed to accelerate your growth. Benefit from our market insights and lead-generation campaigns that help you attract and retain more clients.

  • Rewarding Incentives: Enjoy competitive discounts and incentives curated to appreciate and motivate our partners. The more you collaborate, the more you stand to benefit.

Partner Discount Tiers

Robson Partner Pricing

Resource Pricing (MSRP)


Hyper-V virtual hosts from Microsoft offer MSPs robust integration with Windows ecosystems, potent scripts and automation through PowerShell, and stable performance for running multiple virtual machines.

It’s native support for Windows Server users and cost-effective licensing models make Hyper-V a pragmatic choice for many Windows-centric organizations.

Prices are MSRP and in CAD.

Any partner discounts are not reflected in the price.


VMware offers MSPs a top-tier virtualization platform with broad OS support, advanced resource allocation, and extensive tools.

vCloud Director is the industry leader with their interface for seamless management and integration, making it a preferred choice for diverse organizations.

Prices are MSRP and in CAD.

Any partner discounts are not reflected in the price.


Virtuozzo a unique virtual hosting option with its OS-level container virtualization, which allows for higher densities of virtual instances and efficient resource utilization.

The platform is known for rapid deployment capabilities and a simplified management approach, facilitating streamlined operations and maintenance for service providers.

Prices are MSRP and in CAD.

Any partner discounts are not reflected in the price.


Our cloud storage solutions seamlessly combine the speed of SSDs for high-performance applications, the capacity benefits of HDDs for extensive archival needs, and the ultra-fast data access of Flash storage.

Robson ensures that our clients have a comprehensive range of options to suit varying data demands and workloads for MSPs.

Prices are MSRP and in CAD.

Any partner discounts are not reflected in the price.


Our high-speed network infrastructure boasts 1Gbps port speeds for standard operations, scalable to lightning-fast 10Gbps for bandwidth-intensive applications, with backbone connections to multiple cloud providers for unparalleled agility.

As a network-agnostic provider, we offer MSPs the flexibility to choose the best internet services per their specific requirements, backed by multiple 10Gbps providers for redundancy and performance.

Prices are MSRP and in CAD.

Any partner discounts are not reflected in the price.

The legal stuff - disclaimer

Please note that the prices listed on our website are subject to change without notice. While we strive to keep our pricing information up-to-date, there may be instances where changes occur that are not immediately reflected on our website. The prices shown are not final and are not binding. They do not supersede pricing outlined in any agreements or contracts we may have with our clients. We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time, and such changes will be effective immediately upon posting to our website. For the most accurate pricing information, please contact us directly. Pricing showing is for IaaS Solutions, PaaS is marked up by 30%.