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Our Story

Robson began with the simple yet ambitious goal of empowering businesses through high-caliber managed IT services. As we’ve expanded, our focus has remained steadfast: to provide peace of mind through reliable, scalable, and innovative technology solutions.

Today, Robson stands as a testament to the transformative power of partnership and expertise, continually shaping the landscape of managed services.

From Humble Beginnings

hosting has evolved, So have we.


Shared Hosting Era

  • Simple website hosting: The foundation of hosting, offering shared resources on a server.

  • Basic, cost-effective solutions: Similar to the later introduction of basic cloud services, providing affordability and accessibility.

  • Limited resources and control: Comparable to entry-level cloud services, where customization and control are minimal.


Managed Hosting Era

  • Managed hosting services emerge: Preceding cloud management, offering specialized hosting services.

  • Dedicated servers for more control and resources: The precursor to dedicated cloud environments, providing users with exclusive resources.

  • Enhanced security and performance: A stepping stone towards the heightened security and efficiency of cloud solutions.


The Colocation Era

  • Colocation services gain popularity: Reflecting the shared responsibility model later seen in cloud services.

  • Clients have servers in third-party data centers: An early form of what cloud services offer without the physical hardware requirements.

  • Better infrastructure, security, and bandwidth: Setting the stage for the robust infrastructure of cloud platforms.


Cloud Hosting Era

  • Shift to cloud-based solutions: Marking the transition from physical servers to virtualized environments.

  • Introduction of shared cloud services: Mirroring the shared hosting model but with cloud technology’s scalability and flexibility.

  • Emphasis on scalability and flexibility: Advancing beyond the constraints of traditional shared hosting.

Recent Trends: Activity

Robson PaaS Solutions

  • PaaS Solutions have become a centerpiece of Robson’s offerings, providing enhanced support and customization to meet the evolving demands of MSP’s who want the added support

  • Robson’s integration of cloud services with cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, and IoT is a testament to their commitment to innovation, ensuring clients have access to the forefront of technological advancements.

  • The company’s focus on security, compliance, and enterprise-grade solutions is a continuation of the dedication to excellence seen in the dedicated hosting era, now expanded and deepened within the cloud paradigm.

Future: What's next?

We're here to help figure it out.

  • Robson is at the forefront of innovation with AI Data, AI Compute, and Security, understanding that the future of hosting lies in intelligent processing and preemptive security strategies.

  • By embracing innovation with different virtualization platforms, Robson empowers MSPs to evaluate and operate hybrid environments, ensuring that the infrastructure solutions provided are versatile and future-ready.

  • Robson’s dedication to IaaS and PaaS is central to supporting these innovative changes, showcasing a commitment to providing infrastructure and platform services that will not only adapt to but also drive the next wave of digital transformation.

Robson’s narrative is not just about keeping pace with technological trends but about leading the charge in innovation, ensuring that every solution offered is a step towards a more efficient, secure, and intelligent digital future.

Our Mission Statement

At Robson, our mission is to empower Managed Service Providers with customized and innovative cloud solutions, fostering strong partnerships through collaborative technological support and strategic sales enablement.

We are dedicated to enhancing our partners’ service offerings and competitive edge with tailored solutions, educational engagement, and non-competitive strategies while ensuring data sovereignty and security.

Together, we unlock untapped market potential and drive mutual growth by implementing rewarding partner programs, flexible pricing options, and a forward-looking development roadmap. Robson is not just a provider; we are a committed ally in achieving excellence and success in the global cloud services landscape.

Why choose Robson?

We're not just another cloud solution provider.

Managed Service Providers should choose Robson Inc. for their IaaS and PaaS needs due to the company’s robust strength and strategic approach. With a track record spanning over 20 years, Robson stands as a beacon of expertise in the cloud services industry. This longevity is a testament to their stability and resilience in an ever-evolving technological landscape, ensuring MSPs benefit from a foundation that’s both tried and tested.

Robson Inc. Experienced IaaS PaaS Solution Provider

Robson prides itself on a deep-seated understanding of the MSP sector, shaping its offerings to seamlessly dovetail with MSP operational models. Their approach is tailor-made, moving beyond one-size-fits-all solutions to furnishing MSPs with infrastructure and platforms that integrate flawlessly into their existing portfolios.

Additionally, the company’s non-competitive stance solidifies its role as an ally rather than a rival in the MSP ecosystem, affirming their focus on elevating rather than overshadowing their partners. This distinct approach harnesses the strength of collaboration and propels both Robson and its MSP partners towards shared success and growth in the cloud domain.

How do we do it? Our Brands

There's a way to do it better—find it.

We agree. Robson prides itself on a deep-seated understanding of the cloud infrastructure, data protection and AI space, shaping its offerings to seamlessly dovetail with MSP operational models. Their approach is tailor-made, moving beyond one-size-fits-all solutions to furnishing MSPs with infrastructure and platforms that integrate flawlessly into their existing portfolios.

Robson DC delivers a unique Elastic Private Cloud, melding the bespoke nature of dedicated hardware with cloud-like flexibility across our global data centers. Pay only for resources used while enjoying the advantages of locational diversity and simplified management. 

Ideal for dynamic scaling and optimal performance, Robson DC redefines private cloud solutions, offering businesses a tailored, secure, and cost-effective approach to infrastructure. 

With strategic locations in Vancouver, BC and Toronto, ON, Canada; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Paris, France—plus a new addition coming Q2 in Sydney, Australia—Robson ensures global reach and local expertise in key economic centers around the world.

Robson AI ushers in a new era of user-centric data control, harmonizing privacy with sophisticated analysis. Our solution offers a secure, intuitive platform for real-time consent management, backed by the analytical power of OpenAI’s technology. 

Positioned at the intersection of innovation and privacy, Robson AI is primed for individuals and businesses seeking transparent, empowered data management in a privacy-conscious market.

Robson AI is poised for its highly anticipated launch this year, set to introduce cutting-edge, AI-driven data management solutions. This innovative platform will redefine how users engage with and control their digital presence in an increasingly connected world.

Robson ONE has transformed data privacy and security in small practices/health clinics across Canada, leveraging partnerships with Microsoft, PrivacyWorks, Acronis, and DELL. 

This advanced platform is designed to offer comprehensive data management, ensuring secure communication, compliance with privacy regulations, and robust protection against data threats.

With an emphasis on affordability and transparency, Robson ONE is tailored for the healthcare industry, offering services like a Dedicated Virtual Privacy Officer, Privacy-On-Call, and customized compliance policies. Its launch empowered clinics with Microsoft 365 integration, effective data management, and staying ahead in privacy standards.