Benefits to Robson Cloud Partner are numerous.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your business by increasing revenues from existing customers, attracting new customers, or transitioning your business to selling cloud services to better compete, Robson has a Cloud Partner Program to meet your needs.

What benefits can you expect?

  • Increased recurring revenues with no capital outlay
  • Increased margins buy selling high margin solutions
  • Increased overall business by adding new cloud services to your product mix
  • Improved customer retention by selling longer term recurring revenue contracts
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction with stable, secure solution
  • Leveraging of your existing sales channels
  • Gaining access to a multimillion-dollar redundant infrastructure (network?)
  • Accessing to sales, billing and support tools

On Average Robson Cloud Partners see 30 to 50% Gross margins

The Robson Partner Program is designed around varying levels of commitment. Each earns you access to more features and benefits. Terms of engagement range from 1 to 3 years. Start with the minimum commitment and grow at your own pace, or jump in with both feet to realize the biggest discounts right out of the gate..

Robson is a breed apart from most Cloud Service Providers for the following reasons:

  1. Our proven track record – we’ve delivered enterprise cloud solutions for the last 10 years to some of Canada’s largest businesses.
  2. We only partner with industry-leading suppliers such as Dell, Cisco, Microsoft and Parallels.
  3. Our focus on customer satisfaction has led to an industry leading customer retention rate. We don’t loose customers.
  4. Our state-of-the-art datacenter

Cloud computing makes IT resources available quickly, and in a cost- effective manner. It is designed to be “on-demand” and sold to the customer with little to no up-front capital expenditure. It is meant to be scalable, flexible, and available remotely.

Contact a Robson Cloud Expert today

If you think your current or prospective customers would benefit from cloud computing, contact Robson today. Increase your revenues with no capital outlay, add more incremental revenue to existing customers, increase overall revenues by adding new customers.