Businesses are changing they way they deal with their IT spending.

They are moving from the traditional in-house management, to an outsourced “As-A-Service” strategy. This requires secure, flexible, cost effective solutions that serve their IT needs.

Robson equips key Partners to deliver cloud solutions that meet these demands.

Companies of all sizes are starting to realize the true value in moving their IT infrastructure, platforms, and applications to the cloud. For some businesses, this is about handling growth. For others, it’s about cost containment. Some see the move to cloud solutions as the most efficient way to compete today.

Robson has a full suite of cloud-enabled services that are specifically designed to empower you as a Partner to help today’s businesses take full advantage of the cloud. We help you claim a piece of a rapidly growing market.

Leading the transition to Cloud Computing since 2002, Vancouver-based Robson Communications has a comprehensive Cloud offering that seamlessly enables its Partners to deliver both private and public:

Hosted Services – Software as a service (SaaS)

Hosted Infrastructure – Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Hosted Platform – Platform as a service (PaaS)