Cloud Computing can save small businesses up to 90% of their energy costs that are related to IT

Studies have also shown that:

  • 80% of Companies saw productivity increases after moving to the cloud.

  • 47% saw lower operating costs.

  • 14% were able to reduce IT spending.

Cisco conducted a study to find out what drives businesses to be interested in the Cloud and found out the following:

  • 42% – Improved Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • 40% – Always Available Application Access

  • 40% – Cost Savings

  • 38% – Reduction of on-site Infrastructure

  • 35% – Easier Scalability in Capacity

  • 33% – Improved Workforce Mobility

Cloud Computing is changing the way we work and will continue to do so for the coming years. Remote instant access to valuable company information, small business being able to acquire enterprise solutions cost effectively, the ability to “turn on” IT infrastructure rapidly or being able to scale seamlessly are all available today because of Cloud Computing. The cloud has been defined by Ben Kepes as having 4 distinct traits:

  1. Virtualization – The ability to increase computing efficiency
  2. Democratization of computing – Bringing enterprise scale infrastructure to small and medium businesses
  3. Scalability and fast provisioning – Bringing web scale IT at a rapid pace
  4. Commoditization of infrastructure – Enabling IT to focus on the strategic aspects of its role

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