Table of Contents

Value Added MSP Solutions

The expertise and experience to get the job done
Domain Management
Linux/Solaris/Redhat VM Hosting
Offsite Microsoft Exchange Server
Offsite Managed Backups
Managed SAP and Sage Infrastructure Hosting

Your Managed Infrastructure

Dedicated Dell Enterprise Server Solutions
VMWare and Hyper-V Virtualization Technologies
Veeam Backup Solution
Dedicated Load Balancers, Dedicated Firewalls, Dedicated 25 Gbps Network Connections with 40+ Gbps to Upstream Providers
End to End Disaster Recovery Infrastructure

At Robson we provide the tools and technology for you to have:

Full customer ownership
Full end user pricing control
Full branding control
24×7 Managed Services for Maintenance Windows
Migration support – easy on-boarding of customers
Reliable, redundant and secure products

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