You do you. We’ll do the rest.

We’ll do what we’ve doing for the last 16 years and continue to support our partners through business and technology growth. MSPs know that their clients are moving from the traditional in-house infrastructure to semi and private offsite solutions. This requires you as a partner to deliver secure, flexible, cost effective solutions.

Robson equips MSPs to deliver Managed Infrastructure solutions that meet these changing and growing demands.

The solutions we’ll deliver together aren’t new, they cycle every now and again in to something similar to before with a new name. Offside desktop and hosted solutions were around early 2000 and dedicated servers to manage central workloads for applications and services long before that. You get the idea.

Robson has the tools and services that are specifically designed to empower you as a Partner to help today‚Äôs businesses take full advantage of today’s new Managed Infrastructure solutions. We help you take a seat at the table where we both know what we’re doing because we’ve done this and been here before.

Leading Managed Hosting and Infrastructure since 2002, Vancouver-based Robson Communications has a comprehensive offering that seamlessly enables its Partners to deliver both private and semi private:


Managed Infrastructure
Managed ERP Solutions using SAP – Sage and Oracle
Managed Infrastructure for Oracle
Managed Application Hosting
Managed Remote Backups


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