Managed Infrastructure for Oracle Solutions

Make and informed decision and see what Robson has to offer

More businesses who use Oracle are finding out:

  • Dedicated Infrastructure for your off-site Oracle Solutions works when you partner with the experts. Robson has the experience and success needed for your project.

  • Off-site solutions save you money and time. More importantly resources that can now be focused on other critical areas of your business.

  • Robson has successfully implemented and supported Oracle Solutions for Aviation Transportation, Alternate Energy, Medical/Genetic Research, Big Box Stores and other Sectors across North America.

Oracle has concluded that outsourcing Oracle Solution with a Managed Infrastructure on Bare Metal is a growing part of their growing business because:

  • Reduction in infrastructure costs

  • You own the licensing for portability. From your internal deployment to Robson, it’s all covered

  • Oracle and their database technology has been around longer than most IT companies. You can’t just trust anyone with your business

  • Oracle empowering trusted Partners like Robson. Empowering Robson to provide you with the best Managed Infrastructure avaliable

Robson’s Managed Infrastructure benefits:

  1. Dedicated Hardware – Every solution is deployed on brand new Dell Hardware customized to meet your project needs. No leftovers.
  2. Virtualization – Bare Metal – Virtualize at your pace, when you need it. Production, Application, Database, QA and Testing
  3. High Availability – Options for HA and redundancy. You have options Robson has experience in deploying.
  4. Scalability and Growth – Projects change. Scope changes, and more importantly your business grows. Add additional resources when you need them.
  5. Security and Backups – With Robson we will work with you to secure and backup your Oracle Solution. The way it should be!

As a Robson Partner you will benefit from the growing a growing Industry by grabbing your share of the ever-increasing revenues and profits being generated.

If you can check off any of the boxes below you fit the profile of a Robson Partner and should contact us immediately:

  • You’ve heard of Robson and our industry experience with Oracle over the last 20+ years
  • You want to look for a solution that will help you save $100,000+ in just hardware costs and even more in licensing fees
  • You’re the CTO, Team Lead, Technical Lead or Project Manager and need to evaluate all your options before you can make a recommendation
  • You’ve taken a look at Oracle Cloud and some others but want to go with a solution that dedicates new Dell hardware to your project
  • You understand the market is changing, and you want to adapt
  • You are looking to differentiate from your competitors

Reach out to our team and get more information to help make an informed decision.