Managed Infrastructure for ERP solutions is broken down into three basic components:

  • Managed Infrastructure Hosting

    From power, rack and network. Our infrastructure will run your biggest ERP requirements

  • Managed Database Hosting

    Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server – We provide the experience to host your ERP Database

  • Managed ERP Application

    SAP, Sage and Oracle ERP – We have the expertise and experience you need.

ERP Infrastructure is deployed in the following ways:

  • Solution Requirements

    Robson works with your deployment team to define your Sage, SAP or Oracle ERP projects requirements. From Kick-off to the final handoff and production support.

  • Deployed Technology

    It will take a lot to successfully deploy your ERP solution. The team and the technology behind the infrastructure are key. Robson has the proven technology to take your project to the end.

  • Total Support

    It doesn’t start or stop with Robson. It’s a team effort between Robson, you and the multiple vendors we need across the deployment.

Businesses don’t only consider in house deployment. Robson partners with ERP (Oracle, Sage and SAP) development and customization companies across Canada to give you the complete A-Z solution.

Robson has lead Oracle and ERP solutions for businesses involved in:

  • Alternate Energy
  • Mining and Resources
  • Healthcare and Genetic Research
  • Airports
  • Big Box Retail

Businesses that move to the cloud can expect:

  • Cuts to your IT costs
  • Improved Utilization
  • Experience rapid deployment times
  • Improved accessibility
  • Flexibility

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