The Robson Advantage – Putting IT strategy & business priorities on the same page

At Robson, we take the time to build a relationship with you that helps you achieve greater business success. Our enterprise hosting solutions run on a cutting edge, high performance infrastructure that is fully redundant, secure and scalable – letting us quickly respond to your changing needs and priorities.

Advantages for Enterprise Customers

Designing, deploying and managing the technology solutions our enterprise customers need is the foundation of our business. We’re passionate about working with you to understand your needs and then expertly engineer the customized solutions that puts IT strategy and business priorities on the same page.

These solutions are designed to maximize your investment in the enterprise technology that drives your business. We optimize these solutions for top performance, 24×7 availability and rapid scalability in order to respond to your changing business needs quickly and efficiently. And we don’t wait for something to go wrong. We deliver rich service levels that include proactive monitoring of all systems and applications, which frees up your internal IT team to focus on driving innovation and helping you achieve strategic business goals.

Advantages for Channel Partners

We know our partners play an important role in customers’ success, as well as ours. That’s why we’ve designed an innovative and powerful Channel Partner Program that lays the groundwork for success. Through our Channel Partner Program partners can offer cloud-based, value-added IT services and use our collateral, proactive go-to-market campaigns and product demonstrations to support their sales and marketing efforts.

As a channel partner, you gain a competitive edge by offering a diverse set of world-class, cloud-based business services without incurring the cost and hassles associated with building and managing your own infrastructure. Some of these advantages include maximizing revenue from existing customers, offering an expanded portfolio of services to prospects and ultimately gaining deeper customer loyalty.

The three pillars of the Robson Advantage

  • Technology solutions that deliver significant business value and save you money
  • Proactive management that saves you time
  • Expert support that exceeds your expectations – every time
  • What enterprise support looks like at Robson
  • Enjoy the convenience of single-point support services for all hardware and software solutions acquired through Robson. We take a highly proactive and responsive approach to system monitoring. This ensures that in the event of an application or hardware failure, our technical team knows about it first and is already working to resolve the problem – often before our customers and channel partners know something is amiss.

Since our first priority is to ensure our services are available 24x7x365, our production network and system infrastructure have been designed with no single point of failure. If issues do arise, all of our support engineers are available 24 hours a day to assist and will work around the clock to resolve the problem while keeping you in the loop every step of the way.

Robson has a rigorous three-tiered escalation procedure for all support issues:

Level 1:

Helpdesk/Frontline Support deals with any known issues and easily solved problems.

Level 2:

Senior System and Network Engineers provide more advanced and complex problem solving to quickly resolve issues escalated to this level.

Level 3:

System, Application and Network Architects are accountable for solving the most severe and complex issues because they designed and implemented the production infrastructure, which gives them an innate working knowledge of the entire system.

All system outages are scheduled between 12:00 – 3:00 AM PST seven days a week and customers are always notified in advance of scheduled outages that will impact their services with Robson.

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