Q & A with Martin Robson – CEO of Robson Communications Inc.

Q. What sets Robson apart?

A. The relationships we build with our customers are based on a partnership approach. We see ourselves as an extension of your IT department, delivering the technology solutions that impact your business. We use our experience to take the time to understand your objectives and then formulate the optimal solution that will keep your operations running smoothly. Building long-term relationships that are driven by exceptional service and support creates the Robson Advantage .

Q. Why should I choose Robson?

A. We are driven by a need to make a meaningful difference in the operations of our customers business. It’s why we do what we do. We take ownership of the business critical data and information you entrust with us and offer solutions that are flexible, scalable and cost effective. You can grow your business with Robson knowing that your data and information is always secure and available.

Q. How many customers does Robson have?

A. Thousands of business customers from across North America and Asia have turned to Robson for their Managed Oracle, ERP and Infrastructure needs. Most of these customers are located in Canada with the majority situated in British Columbia.

Q. How reliable are your services?

A. Our high-capacity, state-of-the-art network infrastructure and multiple datacenters are supported by redundant environmental, power and security systems. Every server in every rack has two UPSs and two backup generators with 24×7 monitoring performed by our network and system engineers. This translates into 100 percent network uptime and it doesn’t get much more reliable than that.

Q. Are all your Data Centers located in Canada?

A. Yes. Our Data Centers are located in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto. Having Data Centers located in multiple geographic locations delivers the level of redundancy needed to ensure information and resources are always available – online and on-demand.

Q. Does Robson store information outside of Canada?

A. No. We only store information in Canada. When your private information is stored in the US it may be subject to American laws like the Patriot Act, which would in turn run the risk of breaking Canadian privacy laws. Whether you’re located in Canada, the Unites States or the European Union, your private information is more effectively and consistently legally safeguarded when it is stored in Canada.

Q. Does Robson guarantee its services with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A. Yes. All of our enterprise solutions are backed by an industry leading SLA that can be customized depending on the level of redundancy and availability you require.

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