It started locally with Martin Robson and a passion for Technology and Customer Support.

Robson was founded in 2002 with 1 website on one desktop server in Vancouver BC Robson has grown now with Data Centers and Infrastructure across the Canada.

Robson’s Managed Solutions we can turn a capital and labor-intense process for your businesses into a flexible, reliable and secure “as a service” experience.

Robson specializes in Managed Infrastructure that empowers its partners and clients to deliver a saleable turnkey hosted solution to their customers which has flexible deployment, delivery and branding capabilities. Along with back-end integration to Oracle, Sage and SAP and other Databases and ERP solutions our partners and their customers benefit greatly from utilizing Robson’s on-demand infrastructure.

In addition to industry-leading infrastructure and software partners such as Dell, Microsoft, VMware and Veeam Robson has an extensive network of certified industry leading partners delivering solutions to thousands of businesses everyday.

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